MyBaby: My puzzle for kids

Funny 3D puzzle, with which your child will discover a lot of friendly animals: a cat, a dog, a cow, a peacock, ….

The child has to touch once on the piece he or she wants to rotate, to show the piece of a new animal.

Each press will make the animal that appears in the piece sounds, which helps children know what animal is forming. Upon completion of the animal, a joyful sound will congratulate the child.

Once the child gets an animal completed, to scramble the puzzle, just shake the phone or tablet, which will vibrate and you will hear a nice sound.

To change puzzle simply press the orange arrows shown at the top.

To exit the game, the “Back” button needs to be pressed twice. This limits the chances for the child to unintentionally leave the game, and open other unwanted apps.

“MyBaby Puzzle” is intended to be one of the first games for the children to learn to identify animals and relate them to the sounds they make, and to develop their visual-motor coordination and fine motor skills.

Recommended age from 8 months.

This game is free and does not contain adds.